1. Introduction to general company

Hai Phu Co., Ltd is a company specializing in trading and processing seafood for export, business registration and official statement of operation on October 17, 2008, having full legal entity as regulated by law. Vietnamese law, its own seal, independence in terms of property, financial autonomy and self-responsibility for the results of business activities.


Short name: HAI PHU CO., LTD

Head office address: 1766/20, Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Ward 12, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province

Phone: 0254.6281589 Fax: 0254.3627259

Email: tunghaiphu@gmail.com

Tax code: 3500913483

Certificate of business registration No. 3500913483 issued on 17/10/2008


– Trading in processing seafood for export

– Processing and preserving products from seafood

2. Objectives to survive and develop.

The objectives and tasks of production and business of the company and constantly promote their internal resources, always improving the technical training and improving the skills of workers. Expand production and business, diversify products and promote export. Find all measures to reduce costs, reduce production costs for business to the highest efficiency. To fulfill the obligations of the state, to improve the living standards of employees, especially to improve the regime and pay more attention to female workers.

In order to accomplish the above objectives, the company has regularly updated technical information, purchased new equipment to produce standard products, and sent employees to attend training courses to improve their skills. , hygiene and food safety …

The company has been expanding its consumer market, promoting trade in new customers, maintaining traditional customers and exporting to many countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Europe.

Always look for new sources, capture the price of materials in time, implement the policy of saving to reduce costs and product costs.